Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cachao Y Su Tipica: Camina Juan Pescao (Duher 1603)

All of the songs on this album start slow and don't really pick up until about a minute and a half (or more) in, so the sound clips don't really do the album justice. Still, the record is overall kind of a snooze, which is unfortunate.

Sound Clips
Side A


Anonymous said...

Reynaldo, you've completely missed the point of this album. I'm no fan of danson generally but even I can hear that this is an wonderfully subtle, crafted, absolute masterpiece. Its dance music; the slow circular danson sections are for slow intimate dancing. They may or may not hit a bridge and step up into a son or cha cha cha form or they may step back down and make you wait again. By track 6, anyway, I am begging for it. Incredible album, ask anybody who knows cuban music.

mellow said...

Yes, that's a great album in its own genre. If you want to demonstrate what is the style called "danzón" this is very representative example from this genre.