Monday, October 26, 2009

Mardi Gras Discography

Cat. No. / Artist / Title


MG-5001 La Playa Sextet : Care To Cha Cha Cha?
MG-5002 Al Castellanos : Speak Up
MG-5003 La Playa Sextet : Mardi Gras Music For Dancing Vol 1
MG-5007 Orq. Castellanos : Mardi Gras Music For Dancing Volume IV
MG-5009 Al Castellanos : Cha Cha Cha Together
MG-5010 La Playa Sextet : La Playa Sextette Invites You
MG-5013 Joe Cuba And Sonny Rossi : Out Of This World (Cha-Cha-Cha)
MG-5015 La Playa Sextet : La Playa Favorites
MG-5016 Johnny Conquet : American Hits The Latin American
MG-5017 Joe Cuba & His Orchestra : I Tried To Dance All Night
MG-5018 Al Castellanos : Full House
MG-5019 La Playa Sextet : Sun, Sea And Cha Cha Cha
MG-5020 La Playa Sextet : I Dig La Playa Sextet
MG-5021 Joe Cuba & His Orchestra : Cha Cha to Soothe The Savage Beast
MG-5022 La Playa Sextet : A Little Bit Of Everything
MG-5023 Joe Cuba & His Orchestra : Red Hot And Cha Cha
MG-5024 Tito Rodriguez And La Playa Sextet : Pachanga, Cha Cha Cha Anyone?
MG-5025 La Playa Sextet : Pachanga Everyone
MG-5026 Al Castellanos : Pachanga Si And Cha Cha Too
MG-5027 La Playa Sextet : Pachanga With La Playa Sextet
MG-5028 Nini Marshall : Nini Marshall
MG-5029 Las Mosquitas : Las Mosquitas
MG-5030 Bobby Pauneto : El Sonido Moderno/The Modern Sound Of
MG-5031 Luis Aguile : Luis Aguile
MG-5032 Los Nocturnos : Introducing Los Nocturnos
MG-5033 Mark Wirtz Orchestra : Wirtz And Music
MG-5034 Mark Wirtz And The Mood Music Orchestra : Smooth And Easy
MG-5035 Willie Baby Rodriguez : Con Sentimiento/With Feeling
MG-5036 Johnny Rodriguez & Angel Rene Orq. : Cookin' With A & J
MG-5037 Benito Sextet : The Benito Sextet Plus One
MG-5039 Hugo Manzanarez : Canciones Para Ella
MG-5040 Angel Rene & Johnny Rodriguez Orchesta : Un Consejo: A Word Of Advice
MG-5100 Edgardo Rey : Reny
MG-5101 Ednita Nazario : Al Fin Ednita
MG-5102 Raul Marrero : La Nueva Era De Raul Marrero

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