Sunday, February 8, 2009

Speed Discography (LPs + 45s)

Cat. No. / Artist / Title


SS-101 The Latin Blues Band Featuring Luis Aviles : Take a Trip Pussycat
SS-102 Dianne & Carole with the Latin Whatchamacallits : Feeling the Pain
SS-103 The Moon People/Los Astronautas [Dave Cortez] : Land of Love
SS-104 Orquesta Olivieri : A Swingin' Combination
SS-105 Frankie Nieves : The Terrible Frankie Nieves
SS-106 Chuito & the Latin Uniques : From the Street
SS-107 Milton Zapata : Viva Zapata
SS-111 Various Artists El Gran Sid : Symphony Sid Presents the Best in Latin America
SS-Promo Phil Flowers & The Flower Shop : Phil Flowers & The Flower Shop


SP-1001 Julio Cruz "Gracias / Lo Se"
SP-1002 Moon People "Land of Love / Revolt"
SP-1003 Dianne & Carole with the Latin Whatchamacallits "Feeling the Pain / The Fuzz"
SP-1004 The Latin Blues Band "Pussycat / Take a Trip"
SP-1005 Tony Middleton with Chuito & The Latin Uniques "Spanish Maiden / Aqui Llego"
SP-1006 Frankie Nieves "Mondongo / It's Better To Cry"
SP-1007 Milton Zapata "Sweet Soul Music / Aqui Llego Zapata"
SP-1008 Herbie Olivieri ‎"Palos Bravos De St. John / Tu Estas Frizao"
SP-1009 Herbie Oliveri & The Latin Blues Band "We Belong Together / Come Live With Me"
SP-1010 Al Gonzalez "I Love You Too Much / EL Gallo"
SP-1011 Al Gonzalez ‎"Muñequita Linda / Willow Weep For Me"
SP-1012 Bobby Matos Orchestra feat. Manny Roman "Cuchi Frito Man / Sangre Del Barrio"
SP-1013 Bobby Marin "You're Moving Much Too Fast / A Groovy Thing Going"
SP-1014 Dave Cortez and the Moon People "Happy Soul / Fishin' With Sid"
SP-1015 Frankie Nieves "True Love / Amor Sincero"
SP-1016 Tony Midleton & Bobby Matos "Return to Spanish Harlem / Already Satisfied"
SP-1017 Manny Roman & Bobby Matos "Espanolita / Oye Mi Querida"


O.W. said...

My personal LP recommendations:
Essential: Latin Blues Band, Orquesta Oliveri, Frankie Nieves, Chuito
Worth Having: Dianne and Carole, Moon People, Milton Zapata
Completionists Only: El Gran Sid, Phil Flowers

Of the 7"s, all are hard to come by but the essentials are: "Spanish Maiden," "Cuchi Frito Man" and "True Love." There's also the Moon People's "Happy Soul With a Hook" which came out on Roulette but that could be considered an "honorary" Speed release. Personally, I'd put that ahead of the Dave Cortz 7" "Happy Soul" but to each their own.

Dj Markus-Seta said...

I have heard a rumor, that "Happy Man" by Latin Blues Band exists on 45, and I'm assuming this would be 0001. But, never seen it so it remains unconfirmed.

Timber said...

SP-1007 Herbie Oliveri & The Latin Blues Band "We Belong Together / Come Live With Me"

Anonymous said...

The Bobby Marin single "You're Moving Much Too Fast" / "A Groovy Thing Going" is Speed 1013. I have a copy if anyone has questions about it.

Anonymous said...

SP-1001 Julio Cruz "Gracias / Lo se"

Timber said...

SP 1011 - Al Gonzalez - Muñequita Linda / Willow Weep For Me