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Cotique Discography (LPs)

Cat. No. / Artist / Title


CS-1001 Gilberto [Cruz] Sextet : The Groovy Sounds of the Gilberto Sextet
CS-1002 Bobby Capo : The Wonderful World of Bobby Capo
CS-1003 Alfredito : Guajira con Boogaloo
CS-1004 Johnny Colon : Boogaloo Blues
CS-1005 Louis Green and Khemfoia Tol Padu : Karate for the Family
CS-1006 Joey Pastrana & his Orchestra : Let's Ball
CS-1007 Johnny Colon : Boogaloo '67
CS-1008 The Lebron Brothers : Psychedelic Goes Latin
CS-1009 The New Swing Sextet : The Explosive New Swing Sextet
CS-1010 Johnny Rivera & the Tequila Brass : Johnny Rivera & the Tequila Brass
CS-1011 TnT Band : TnT=Dynamite
CS-1012 Joey Pastrana & his Orchestra : Joey
CS-1013 The Lat-Teens : The Lat-Teens
CS-1014 Johnny Colon : Move Over
CS-1015 The Lebron Brothers : The Brooklyn Bums
CS-1016 Various Artists : Cotique Golden Goodies Vol. 1 [compilation]
CS-1017 Various Artists : Cotique All-Time Smashes Vol. 1 [compilation]
CS-1018 Yomo Toro : Alma de Ramito
CS-1019 Machito : The Soul of Machito
CS-1020 Johnny Colon : Portrait of Johnny
CS-1021 Trio de Copes : Introducing Trio de Copes
CS-1022 The Lebron Brothers : I Believe
CS-1023 TnT Band : Mission Accomplished
CS-1024 Johnny Rivera & the Tequila Brass : Up, Up & Away
CS-1025 Joey Pastrana & his Orchestra : Hot Pastrana
CS-1026 The New Swing Sextet : A Taste of Spanish Harlem
CS-1027 Gilberto Monroig : Tu Eres Mi Amor, Baby
CS-1028 Lupo [Hiram Velasquez] : Lupo El Fantastico
CS-1029 Ramito : Felices de Pascuas Ramito
CS-1030 Gilberto Monroig : Face to Face
CS-1031 Various Artists : Cotique All-Time Smashes Vol. 2 [compilation]
CS-1032 The Lat-Teens : Buena Gente/Good People
CS-1033 Varoso Loctures : El Brindis Del Bohemio en Nueva York
CS-1034 TnT Band : The Meditation [compilation]
CS-1035 La New Yorkers/Russell Cohen y Su Conjunto : Es Mejor Tarde que Nunca
CS-1036 Joey Pastrana & his Orchestra : Joey in P.R.
CS-1037 Chollo Rivera & the Latin Soul Drivers : By Chollo
CS-1038 TnT Boys : Sex Symbols/Symbolos Sexuales
CS-1039 The Lebron Brothers : Brother
CS-1040 Ray Jay & the Eastsiders : Ray Jay & the Eastsiders
CS-1041 The New Swing Sextet : Swinging Along with the New Swing Sextet
CS-1042 The Lebron Brothers : Llegamos/We're Here
CS-1043 Orchestra Flamboyan : Los Coquetones
CS-1044 The Lat-Teens : Fuego a la Lata
CS-1045 Various Artists : Cotique Golden Goodies Vol. 2 [compilation]
CS-1046 Various Artists : Cotique All-Time Smashes Vol. 3 [compilation]
CS-1047 The Latinaires : Like It Is
CS-1048 Joey Pastrana & his Orchestra : Joey en Carnavale
CS-1049 The Lebron Brothers : Salsa y Control
CS-1050 The New Swing Sextet : Revolucionando
CS-1051 Roy Roman : The Youthful Mind
CS-1052 Orchestra Flamboyan : Different Directions
CS-1053 Joey Pastrana & his Orchestra : The Real Thing/El Verdadero
CS-1054 The Lebron Brothers : Pablo
CS-1055 The Lebron Brothers : Picadillo a la Criolla
CS-1056 La Nueva Explosion : La Nueva Explosion
CS-1057 Johnny Colon : [Never Released]
CS-1058 Ray Rodriguez y Su Orquestra : Ray Rodriguez y Su Orquestra
CS-1059 Pipo Y La Superior : Pipo Y La Superior
CS-1060 Alfredo Vargas y Su Orquesta : Alfredo Vargas y Su Orquesta, Con la Voz de Ferdibu
CS-1061 Chivirico Davilla : Chivirico y Su Nuevo Estilo
CS-1062 Julito Y Sus Merengueros : Las Antillanas
CS-1063 Menique : Menique
CS-1064 Various Artists : La Familia Cotique Les Desea Felices Pascunas [compilation]
CS-1065 Orchestra Flamboyan : Se Viste de Gala
CS-1066 Chivirico Davilla : De Nuevo
CS-1067 Johnny Colon : Hot Hot Hot/Caliente de Vicio
CS-1068 The Lebron Brothers : En La Union Esta La Fuerza
CS-1069 Tito Ramos : Where My Head is At
CS-1070 Rosita Rodriguez : Que Te Quiera
CS-1071 Frankie Dante & Orchestra Flamboyan con Larry Harlow : Orchestra Flamboyan con Larry Harlow
CS-1072 Santos Colon & Menique : Long Live the King
CS-1073 Chivirico Davilla : Chivirico
CS-1074 The Lebron Brothers : Asunto de Familia
CS-1075 Markolino Dimond & Frankie Dante : Beethoven's Fifth
CS-1076 Chivirico Davilla : Vendre Por Ti
CS-1077 Menique : Soy Hijo de Chango
CS-1078 The Lebron Brothers : 4+1
CS-1079 Chivirico Davilla : Desde Ayer
CS-1080 The Lebron Brothers : The Best Of The Lebron Brothers
CS-1081 Bobby Gonzales : Cocinando Salsa
CS-1082 Johnny Colon : Tierra va a Temblar
CS-1083 Los Kimbos : Los Kimbos Con Adalberto Santiago
CS-1084 Chivirico Davilla : Para Mi Gente
CS-1085 Louie Ramirez : A Different Shade of Black
CS-1086 Frankie Dante & Orchestra Flamboyan : Los Salseros de Acero
CS-1087 Johnny Colon : Disco Hits: Soul & Latin [compilation]
CS-1088 The Lebron Brothers : Distinto y Diferente
CS-1089 Charlie Palmieri & Menique : Con Salsa y Sabor
CS-1090 Frankie Dante & the Flamboyan All-Star Band : The Flamboyan All-Star Band
CS-1091 Los Kimbos : The Big Kimbos With Adalberto Santiago
CS-1092 Chivirico Davilla : Brindando Alagria
CS-1093 The Lebron Brothers : 10th Anniversary
CS-1094 Orchestra Flamboyan : Best Foot Forward
CS-1095 Los Kimbos : Hoy y Mañana
CS-1096 Louie Ramírez : Louie Ramírez Y Sus Amigos
CS-1097 Louis Ramirez : Various States Of Mind
CS-1098 The Lebron Brothers : The New Horizon
CS-1099 Chivirico Davila : Nuevos Conceptos (New Concepts)
CS-1100 Louie Ramirez : Salsa Progresiva
CS-1101 Los Kimbos : Aguacero No Me Mola
CS-1102 Orchestra Flamboyan : Los Rebledes
CS-1103 The Lebron Brothers : La Ley
CS-1104 Louie Ramírez : Salsero
CS-1105 The Lebron Brothers : Hot Stuff
CS-1106 The Lebron Brothers : Criollo
CS-1107 The Lebron Brothers [?] : Super Hits [?]
CS-1108 The Lebron Brothers [?] : Super Hits Vol. 2 [?]
CS-1109 The Lebron Brothers : Lo Mistico

Hi-C 1 Various Artists : Hi-C Presents the Cotique All Stars Associated Artists


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Thanks, I added them.

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Timber said...

C-1029 Ramito : Felices de Pascuas Ramito

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the eye candy!

just a small correction - Alfredito is Al Levy, a Jewish timbalero and vibraphonist. Al Escobar did some charts for him back in the 50's. His Cotique album is titled "Guajira With Boogaloo".

Alfredito Valdez is a Cuban pianist.

Thanks again for such a great website.

-DJ Mayombero-

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DB-005 Lebron Brothers: Discos Bailables (Music To Dance By)

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Great blog!
Do you happen to know why Joey Pastrana's name was spelled as PASTRANO on his first LP (CS-1006)? It's driving me crazy for some reason. If it was a typographic error it seems like a really big one (appearing all over the LP and on the center label). Was he under contract somewhere else and it was done for legal reasons, maybe?

Flabbergast said...

Nevermind, I found the answer to my question HERE