Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ghetto Records Discography

Cat. No. / Artist / Title


GS/0010 Eddie Lebron : Ghetto Records Presents…
GS/0011 Papo Felix Meets Ray Rodriguez : Papo Felix Meets Ray Rodriguez
GS/0012 Paul Ortiz y La Orquesta Son : Los Que Son
GS/0014 La Fantastica : From Ear to Ear
GS/0015 Joe Acosta Orchestra (Introducing Joe Cruz) : Power of Love
GS/0016 Candido y su Movimiento : Palos De Fuego


SG-010 Ray Rodriguez [Label says "Ray Rodriquez"] "Workout Part I / Workout Part II"
SG-011 Paul Ortiz Y La Orquesta Son "Tender Love / Mi Negra Va Gozar"
SG-012 Joe Acosta "I Need Her / Bendita Illusion"
SG-013 La Fantastica "Borinquen / Latin Blues"
SG-014 Eddie Lebron "My Vows To You / Sigue Tu Vida"
SG-015 Candido "Baby Doll / Palos De Fuego"
SG-016 The Edwards Generation "School Is In / Someone Like You"


dj Guachi Guaro said...

Hi Reynaldo!

Wicked site, I must say you are doing a most excellent job collecting and cataloging latin music.

There is also one 7"/45rpm I have from Ghetto records from Eddie Lebron, Sigue Tu Vida/My Wows To You.

Great Salsa/Latin Soul numbers.

I can look up the number on the record when I get back home later.

- Torgeir aka dj Guachi Guaro (

Reynaldo said...

dj Guachi Guaro,
Thanks, man. I found the catalog number for the Eddie Lebron 45 and added it.