Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Olivieri: "There's No Other Girl" 45 (Delta 1003)

One of my favorite Latin soul tracks.

Listen, Listen (CD rip), Listen (album version)


O.W. said...

JB: Which version came first?

Reynaldo said...

I'm guessing that the Delta version came first then the Latin Soul, which looks kind of budget to my eyes, and it seems to be more common. There's another version of the song on the Orquesta Olivieri LP on Pavillion with overdubbed organ. I'll add it to the OG post.

tibus said...

The album version, from the Orquesta Olivieri LP released on the Pavilion Records label, was also released on a 45, Pavilion #117 as Orch. Olivieri. I don't know if this one is a scarce 45 but I don't see much mention of it on the web