Monday, July 28, 2008

Joe Bataan: Riot! (Fania 354)

Sound Clips

Price Data (Via Popsike/eBay):
End Date/End Price/Grade (Vinyl/Cover)/Notes
8/18/2005, $143, VG++/NM, Gold Label Stereo
11/28/2005, $168, VG++/NM, Gold Label Stereo
10/10/2006, $99, NM/NM, Stereo in shrink
10/23/2006, $66, VG++/VG++, Stereo
11/17/2006, $67, VG++/VG++, Cloud Label Stereo
12/6/2006, $122, VG++/VG++, Gold Label Stereo
3/27/2007, $71, VG-/VG, Stereo
8/12/2008, $103, VG+/VG+, Gold Label Stereo
8/16/2008, $71, VG++/VG+, Cloud Label
3/2/2009, $45, VG+/VG++, Cloud Label Stereo


Anonymous said...

Yes, please, how does one download? Very tricky? Or no tricky?

THE MAMBO MAN © said...

this is an exciting álbum!, my favorite songs are, MUÑECA, MAMBO DE BATAAN AND PA'L MONTE!,...

thank you REYNALDO for the covers in your blog, and your website!

ryanb said...

this is a great site, very informative! any chance there are download links available? let me know, i'd really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

This site is amazing. My father listened to this music. Now most of his LPs are scratched to the point they can't be recorded to a digital format. I'm trying to rebuild it for myself, and my children. You've made it just that much easier. Thanks.